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On Monday 4 March, a few boys from I Form were able to compete in the Euro Quiz. Our fantastic team consisted of: Ahmed, Fergus, Lucas, Ghani and our Super Substitute, Nicholas.

So, what is the Euro Quiz? It is a competition, in which over 20 schools, from around Scotland, gather in The City Chambers to test their knowledge of all things European. The first round was general knowledge; it was challenging, but we managed a fantastic 13/15 in the end, which is quite impressive. The next round was languages, where the Quizmaster read out a sentence in four different languages and we had to decipher what they had said in English. We learn Spanish in School, which was incredibly helpful, but the Spanish voice spoke really quickly and I wish we had had a linguist on our team to be able to translate the German, French or Italian. Our final score in that round was 6/10. Two more rounds passed by and we got 9/15 on each round. We had worked hard as a team, both in class, in support lessons and at home. I felt that our focus, determination and enthusiasm was outstanding and we were all proud of our achievements.

After the competition, Mrs Torrance was kind as always and allowed us to go to an ice cream shop called Smoov. Everyone got gelato, but I got a massive waffle with Nutella on top.

The whole Euro Quiz team would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Torrance, who put a massive amount of effort in to make this happen. We are so appreciative of the opportunities we have.

Ahmed and Ghani, I Form

Ahmed and Ghani, I Form