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    With the tag line ‘treasure is everywhere’, we launched a week-long treasure hunt on Sunday 12 January. Over 100 pupils took part in the hunt following a daily clue or puzzle, leading to the discovery of a 2020 gold half-sovereign concealed within the School grounds. From boarding houses to playing pitches, Gibson House to Pringle, the boys were led all over the grounds with the challenging clues.

    Monday 20 January saw the final day of the hunt with only three teams still standing, from J5, Third Form and Upper Sixth. The hunt came to an end at 12.02 pm on Monday with the email message, “We have found the coin”. Tom, Max, Michael, and Magnus, the Evans prefects found it behind a plaque commemorating the Grant Museum 1886 near to Mappa Mundi!

    Well done to all the competitors, especially the Junior boys who only narrowly missed out.

    Below is the clue released on Sunday: the boys had to work out a code phrase that would get them to the last and final clue…how would you have done? It is a clue, but the poem also sums up the meaning behind the quiz.


    What is the exact three-word phrase that will get you to the last clue?

    This poem is entitled, “If at first, you don’t find the answer ...look again” by Rev Blair 2020

    Treasure is all around, just for you. Really, please look, it is true!

    Each place that you look; Any cranny or nook Shouts “find me!” “Unwrap me!” “Research me!” “Explore me!”

    Is this the beginning of learning?

    Satisfying a curious yearning.

    Every lesson attractive! Very interactive!

    Each activity I do; Real gold is there too!

    Yes, realise today! What everyone should say; “Here is my treasure! Everywhere!



    Clue over!

    3 out of 4 teams solved it...including the Junior teams!

    The solution - Treasure is everywhere! (the first letter of the capitalised words in the poem).

    Nick Blair