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The last few weeks have been a busy and exciting period for Merchiston Upper Sixth, with university offers now coming in thick and fast. 

Some universities and courses always reply later than others, and we won't hear from a number of popular options until later in the spring - however this week we reached the point where every member of our Upper Sixth UCAS cohort has now received at least one offer, always an important milestone in the academic year.

We had great news from Oxford and Cambridge at the end of last month (to read Economics & Management and English, respectively) - and in the last four days alone we've received confirmed offers from Aberdeen (Economics), Loughborough (Engineering), UCL (Psychology), Strathclyde (Pharmacy), Edinburgh (Biological Science), East Anglia (Business Management) and Cardiff (Urban Planning).

It is particularly heartening to read about these successes at this point in the latest lockdown - a reminder if ever we needed one that exciting days will return, and really are just around the corner. 

Well done boys - keep it up, and keep the good news coming!  

Fraser Newham, Assistant Head (Academic)