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    Here is an update from the Edinburgh to Bulawayo trip 2020! We arrived in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, yesterday (virtually)!!

    Since Monday 1 June, about 450 people have been actively participating on a virtual trip from Edinburgh to Bulawayo. There have been 46 teams all working together running, cycling and walking to cover the 13,000 km distance between Scotland and Zimbabwe.

    Zimbabwean woman with bags of food

    This is to raise money for as many “£25 basic food packages” as possible, for people struggling in Bulawayo. It has been exciting watching money coming in and we have raised an amazing £7500. There is still time to donate on the link to Our Neighbours Community Project and see if we can raise our giving to even nearer our target of £13000 (which is one pound for each km of the most direct route to Bulawayo from Edinburgh!)

    To tell a little more of the story of the charity, Fi Blair and Nick Blair have created a podcast to share their experiences. The podcast includes an interview with former pupil Jack, who created a film about the charity, shot in October 2017, whilst Stephen Dennis, shares his experience working in a soup kitchen and the music he encountered.

    There are also many people to thank for their help along the way. A lot of people have made a big effort with forming and encouraging teams, working away with fascinating fact finding, tweeting, shout outs and quiz writing, running, cycling, walking as well as the team captains who emailed in their team combined kms each day. Read about our travels and the places we virtually visited on the staff blog page.

    It has been brilliant that so many people decided to sign up, and with everyone being so keen and fit, we decided to go on a more scenic route so we didn’t arrive Bulawayo after only a few days. Together, we were almost covering 3000 kms a day on some days! We hope that those taking part have been encouraged by being part of a community doing something positive for others during these Covid regulations.

    You are all warmly invited to be part of making a difference in Bulawayo, whether you have participated since 1st June or whether you would like to join in now by donating after you read this. Our hope is that this trip will have encouraged us to know that whatever age we are, we can use whatever resources we have –our bodies to run or cycle or walk, and our financial resources – to make a difference in our world ... to our neighbours wherever they are. We can do our little bit or our big bit, which can make a massive difference to others.


    1. Donate to our fundraising page for the Our Neighbours Community Project (
    2. Find out more about what we are fundraising for by listening to this podcast, watching this video or reading the news article on our school website
    3. Follow the event on Twitter @MerchiCocurric
    Edinburgh to Bulawayo 2020 Team