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Not 'here I am', but 'there you are'. That was the message of this morning's first Whole School Assembly of the Summer Term.

The gathering began with the lighting of a candle and a moment of quiet and reflection with thoughts of the conflict in Ukraine.

We then sang together without masks for the first time in a very long while!

Reverend Blair told us about visiting Rome over the break and unexpectedly finding himself at one of the Pope's Easter services. He showed us a photograph that he had taken, one that he was a little disappointed with because it didn't reflect the occasion as he remembered it.

Our School Captain, Mackenzie B, read from the Book of Corinthians, focusing on what we can expect see in people who say that they care. It was after this reading that Reverend Blair set us all a challenge: To talk less and demonstrate more action within our caring Merchiston community, to show we are loving, protecting, trusting, hopeful and persevering. We don't want to see a blurry version of what we can be; we want to see our caring community in full technicolour!

Our Headmaster, Mr Jonathan Anderson, reinforced the assembly's 'wonderful' message and went on to celebrate the clarity with which we can now embark on the new term following the easing of restrictions. The holidays saw many exciting activities such as the National Fives Championship in London, a competitive cricket tour in Belfast, students representing their countries in a variety of sports, the wonders of the geography trip to Iceland and the exhilaration of the ski trip. The Summer Term offers a continuation of these opportunities and challenges. Our V and UVI students will see the return of public examinations and will receive the consideration and support of the whole Merchiston community.

All students and staff were encouraged to be the best version of themselves, to look after each other, and above all, to enjoy themselves!



Kirsty Nicholls