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Young Farmers Club Talk

In Young Farmers Club we enjoyed a talk from a Fendt representative.

This was very interesting as we learnt a short background of Fendt, including when they started their business and where their first factory was. We learnt about their innovative gears. They call this the ‘Vario’. This was the first automatic gears introduced to tractors. Their idea has been widely used by other tractor companies.

We also heard about their Smart Combine which is named the Ideal. This was very interesting as we learnt about all the electronics that they use to make it much easier for the farmer to use.

Another part I found interesting is how they only rent them and not sell them. This is because they do not want other tractor companies to copy their design.

Overall, I think we all enjoyed this talk very much and we learnt a lot about the different type of components modern tractors use.

Gordie, IV Form

Gordie, IV Form