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Young Farmers meet Boris and Brexit the cows

We are so grateful to Carsewell farm for hosting Pringle boys each week. On the farm, we can see boys build friendships, team bonds, resilience and leadership qualities.They have learned to problem solve and tough out difficult tasks and challenges. They have been involved in sheep herding, quad biking, watching the vet in action, moving cows, bedding sheds, planting hedges, stripping fences, building fences, bottle feeding orphaned lambs, filling and feeding grain and dog training. What an experience! 

HRN tractors (who supply John Deere) are providing sponsorship and the boys were thrilled to be out and about on the farm wearing the embroidered boiler suits they supplied.This was incredibly generous of them and we look forward to continuing to build a good relationship between Merchiston Young Farmers and one of the largest agricultural suppliers in the world. 

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We are also hoping to apply for the LEAF farming award to recognise the work our boys are doing and the impact it is having on the farm. The LEAF award would be incredible for the Merchiston Young Farmers and would recognise our excellent work to form links with the rural community. 

Alexandra Torrance