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    Well, it is difficult to describe how this summer (at least since half-term) continues to throw rain at us in such huge quantities. I have attached another picture of our trusty rain gauge showing 32mm which has fallen since 12pm yesterday (Wednesday), as I write this at 11.05 on Thursday morning. I have heard in certain circles that Noah is dusting down his ark and animals are disappearing in pairs!



    As I write this, Mr McCann has unfortunately had to cancel another set of fixtures which has become a bit of a trend of late. Sadly, I’m sure the housemasters and the sports staff are being driven up the wall with the boys being caged in so often of recent, and the alternative arrangements being made to ensure some activities are taking place. However, I’m sure the more studious boys are using this wetter than wished summer to their benefit and getting their heads well and truly into their books. Good luck to all our boys who are taking their exams.

    Fortunately, the weather on Monday and Tuesday allowed us sufficient time to prepare the athletics arena for the junior games. Here are a couple of photos showing the boys in great spirits and enjoying the day.








    As we look towards the weekend’s sport, and especially cricket, and without sounding like ‘the prophet of doom’, we are, without stating the obvious, up against it. I’ve attached a further couple of photos to show the lying water around the cricket areas, especially the U14/U15 squares and outfields…


    However, the weather is forecast to steadily improve overnight, so to that end we will endeavour tomorrow to try and salvage something for the weekend.

    This is not the summer we’d hoped for after last year’s drought-like conditions, but we keep living in hope that things will improve going into the last two weeks of term. Fingers crossed!

    Mr Yan Hip

    Michael Yan Hip