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    One of this term’s social highlights, according to the boys, was the disco we hosted for the girls from Kilgraston School. Described as “a very good social” with “DJ Phil being unreal”, the atmosphere created with the professional sound decks, speakers, lighting and smoke machine was not far short of a full night club experience. The boys and girls loved it! The evening started with an activity designed to mix everyone up, to get them talking and to break the ice. “Find your Partner” games did the job and before long there was a real party energy.


    The Ceilidh evening at St George’s School for Girls was a semi smart event. Kilts and trews were worn with a white open topped shirts. The boys gathered in the stairwell pre departure for their photo.


    The weekly Gadget Free Evening has been well received despite initial cries of concern and pleas of desperation. Boys have embraced the social opportunities, engaging in conversation, chitchat, cards and board games. Everyone has been flushed out of their little corners and the Day room has become a real hub of sociability. 

    gadet free evening

    On one such evening, Dr Nugent had prepared a game for the boys. Have you ever heard of a ‘Sniffathon?’ Our powers of smell recognition, relating to crisp flavors, were put to the test. It caught the imagination of many, and much sniffing and scrutiny ensued with some being particularly passionate and demonstrating some serious Perfumier skills! A particular odour that caused many challenges was Thai Sweet Chicken!


    CE Young Farmers meet once a week and head out to Carswell Farm - a fully functioning estate farm near Penicuik. This week I joined them to see what all the excitement was about and I wasn’t disappointed! On arrival, work clothes were donned and the shoveling began, bagging feed for distribution. Then it was off to feed the pregnant cows (and a couple of bulls which were being over-wintered in barns) with haylage, a semi- fermented hay which had an “interesting” aroma! At this point it became clear that there were boys who are workers and boys who watched those who worked! The highlight was undoubtedly handling the first-born lambs of the season with many more to follow in the weeks to come. Before we left there was just enough time to plant a stretch of beach hedging too!

    young farmers

    Chi Ching enjoyed his lemon and white chocolate birthday cake and generously offered us all a piece. It was seriously delicious!



    Fiona Darling