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A Home from Home

junior year boarding students eating breakfast together

We know we can never compete with home, but we do our very best to ensure that Merchiston is a home away from home for your son when he’s boarding. 

Just as at home, your son will change into his casual clothes at the end of the school day. His House Parents will continue to set boundaries and expectations of behaviour in the evenings but the atmosphere will be very different.

Once your son has finished his homework, the emphasis will be on relaxation. Each house has a kitchen for making that bedtime hot chocolate or chatting over a snack with house staff; just like he would with you at home. Unlike at home, he’ll be surrounded by his friends, making spending time with them outside of school hours much easier. It’s no wonder the camaraderie is so strong and friendships tend to last for life.

He can be as busy and engaged as he wants to be; there are plenty of structured activities, events and programs to choose from. The focus is always on age-appropriate activities and using the extensive school site for evening games; fresh air invariably trumps screentime.

It’s important that your son brings whatever home comforts make him feel at ease: his own bed covers, posters, photos, the all-important cuddly toy that has been with him for years….after all this is his home away from home.