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Boarding Evenings

two boarding school by students studying together in room

When the school day ends, life in the boarding house begins.  

Prep (aka homework)

Some prep is aimed at consolidating knowledge or skills taught during the day’s lessons or it could be looking ahead and researching a topic independently. Your son will also be encouraged to read widely by borrowing books and resources from the school library. House staff will tell tutors and teachers if your son is struggling with a subject and getting stressed so that extra support can be put in place.

Social time

Between prep and bedtime, depending on your son’s age, there will be time to relax, be with friends, call home or maybe get involved with house activities. During the lighter evenings, he might have time to go outside for a game of football or tennis. If he is one of the younger pupils, we will encourage him to wind down from the excitement of the day and have some quiet reading time before bed.  There are always plenty of members of staff around in the houses in the evening so he should always be able to find someone to talk to, if needed.


Bedtimes start at around 9.30pm for years 7 and 8. As a younger pupil, your son’s mobile phone will be handed in to house staff for safekeeping overnight and access to the internet may well be restricted.

As he grows older we will encourage him to establish good working and sleeping habits but he will not have a set time for lights out. House staff always keep an eye out for pupils who are working too late and getting tired so they can intervene when appropriate.