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Housemother Blog: Chalmers East

22 March, 2019

Chalmers EastMiddle yearsSixth Form

We are very lucky to have a wonderful group of Prefects, who play a vital role in the running of the House. Our Prefects act as positive role models for [...]

Housemother Blog: Chalmers East

1 February, 2019

Chalmers EastHouse

This week was exam week in Shell. Exams can be a daunting prospect for the boys, but giving them the chance to experience real exam routines and settings, before their [...]


9 January, 2019

Chalmers EastHouseMiddle yearsRogersonSixth Form

Much is made by boarding schools in their promotional material and press releases about the many advantages of a boarding education: close friendships, excellent recreational facilities, opportunities to build life-long [...]

Housemother Blog: Chalmers East

23 November, 2018

Chalmers East

Welcome to Chalmers East! Please feel free to come in and see what has been happening this week. Total Table Tennis Mania On a normal day, the boys like to [...]

Merchiston Makes MONOPOLY

8 November, 2018

Chalmers EastChalmers WestHouseJuniorsMiddle yearsRogersonSchool EventSchool TripSixth Form

We are delighted to announce that Merchiston will be one of the three educational squares represented on the new Edinburgh MONOPOLY board. MONOPOLY, Edinburgh Edition, has been popular for 20 [...]

Meet our Housemothers

2 November, 2018

Chalmers EastChalmers WestHouseJuniorsMiddle yearsRogersonSixth Form

From the beginning of this academic year, we have introduced a Housemother into each Boarding House. The primary role of a Housemother is to ensure that all boys are comfortable [...]

Shell form visit Hadrian’s Wall

27 September, 2018

AcademicChalmers EastSchool Trip

On 18 September, the Shell Classical Civilisation set enjoyed a day trip to Hadrian’s Wall as part of the Roman Military topic of its GCSE course. With Storm Ali approaching, we were [...]

Summer Stories from our Golf Academy

14 September, 2018

Chalmers EastChalmers WestGolfJuniorsSixth FormSport

The summer months are long gone as the cold and wet Scottish weather hits. Some of our Golf Academy pupils reflect on their golfing success over the summer. Good luck [...]

On the Outposts of Empire

13 September, 2018

AcademicChalmers EastMiddle yearsSchool Trip

The Shell GCSE Classical Civilisation group has started its course with an examination of the organisation and tactics of the Roman Army. To support this, on Tuesday 11 September, we [...]

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