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Combined Cadet Force

Your son will be given the opportunity to be a member of the Army section of the School’s Combined Cadet Force for a year during Autumn and Lent terms in Shell.

An annual camp is held, and on many weekends during the year, camping, hill walking and climbing expeditions take place. At the end of the year, many choose to remain in the CCF as an instructor (NCO) on a voluntary basis. The CCF Programme includes drill, first-aid, target shooting, campcraft, and fieldcraft, and offers considerable opportunities for your son to learn self-discipline, independence, teamwork, problem-solving, organisation and leadership, which he can apply to other areas of his life and to future employment. We also provide the opportunity to complete a nationally recognised BTEC.

In 2009, the St George’s School for Girls CCF merged with the Merchiston CCF.

School News

Scottish Climate Week

During Scottish Climate Week, our students have been contributing to Seagrass Ocean Rescue