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Exchange Programme

Scottish Saltire hanging next to Spanish flag

Your son will have the opportunity to apply for our pupil exchange programme during his Shell, Fifth and LVI forms, Year 10 – Year 12.

Our exchange programme will allow your son to experience a different culture and educational system in order to gain a wider perspective on education and international issues. Although the primary objective is not to travel and sightsee, your son will have the opportunity to explore areas during school breaks with their host families. 

We currently have links with the following schools:

Merchiston International, Shenzhen      China              

The Scots College, Sydney                     Australia             

Michaelhouse, Natal                              South Africa        

St George’s, Buenos Aires                    Argentina            

St Andrew’s College, Christchurch     New Zealand        

Doon School, Dehradun                          India                   

As it is impossible for us to allow boys to miss more than one week of an academic term, the only option is for your son to participate during our summer holiday, which in southern hemisphere countries coincides more or less with the third of their four terms in the school year. However, this kind of non-simultaneous exchange can also have disadvantages; for example, it puts more pressure on boarding accommodation. We would always try to make room for an exchange student; however, if this is not possible, then should a day boy have done the exchange then we would expect their family to host the overseas visitor.

The only costs involved are the return air fares to the country of destination, travel insurance and some pocket money, as pupils are usually boarders at the school or stay with dayboy or host families and some gifts for the School/host families. Uniform and some items of games kit are usually provided on loan.  Parents continue to pay fees to their home schools.

An exchange can be a very valuable and worthwhile experience and so we would ask you to encourage your son to consider this opportunity if you both think that it would be of benefit.