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The School’s ‘Masterchef’ was launched in 2011 with the aim of preparing leavers for life after Merchiston.

Following on from the success in the Upper Sixth Form, Masterchef has been rolled out among all year groups in the school. There are six sessions to learn basic cooking skills in a relaxed and informal environment, with each session culminating in the boys enjoying the fruits of their labours in the ‘Masterchef’ dining room. They learn to make family favourites such as spaghetti bolognaise, fajitas and stir-fry and they also have the opportunity to try some baking. 

For the complete novice, ‘Masterchef’ helps to show that cooking can be fun and enjoyable, while those with more experience can expand their repertoire. For the particularly ambitious, the annual ‘Masterchef’ Competition gives their creativity free rein.

This session has been another great year in Masterchef. The students have really enjoyed working together in our relaxed and informal kitchen. Some reported taking away a copy of the recipe on their phone and trying it out at home which was much appreciated by their families. Next year we hope to run the Masterchef competition in a new format, using the Clan system. Each team will consist of a Sixth Form pupil who will mentor a younger pupil and the winners will receive points for their Clan.


There are many life skills required and developed by planning, organizing, purchasing food, and preparing snacks & meals which are part of cooking. In addition, there are many learning outcomes such as; healthy eating habits, taking direction, creativity, working with others, safety and responsibility.

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Cooking Soup at Junior Chef Academy

The boys in Chalmers East have been learning how to make soup under the expert supervision of professional chef David Bell as part of our Junior Chef Academy. 

variety of different flags from around the world

It is a wrap on this year's International Week! Find out more about what the boys got to experience.