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Target Rifle Shooting

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Merchiston has a long history of Target Rifle shooting and we cater for both Small-bore and Full-bore shooting.

The Small-bore shooting is a recognised stand-alone Rifle Club registered with the Scottish Government and operates fully as a school activity separate from the Combined Cadet Force (CCF). The Full-Bore shooting is conducted under the guidance and assistance of the CCF, with use of military ranges on the Pentland Hills.

Over recent years, boys have successfully gained positions within the Scottish Junior Development Squad (Small-bore) and enjoyed success at county, national and regional competitions. The majority of Small-bore competitions entered are postal, whereby your son shoots at the onsite, purpose built 25m Miller Range with cards submitted by post to the requisite competition organisers. Each year we attend the Open invitation at Watsons College; the annual match against the Merchistonians is another fiercely contested event in the calendar.

Your son can participate in the younger year groups thanks to stands to assist in shooting. When he is older he might join the School team, who have a designated afternoon to hone the skills and drills required for the sport.  If your son wishes to continue with shooting at the end of his time at Merchiston, we offer the chance to qualify as a nationally recognised Range Conducting Officer and introduction to the National Governing Body (STS & NSRA) to attend a coaching course.

Full-bore shooting is conducted as a CCF activity in the summer term, using the military facilities close to the campus. Your son will need to be a voluntary member of the CCF to participate. Each year, we take a team of boys to the Schools Meeting at Bisley where they compete in various competitions over the week, culminating in the Ashburton shoot.  

Target shooting is much more than a  firer, a rifle and a target. Training and observing the boys you cannot help but notice the change over time, the levels of self-discipline, concentration, motivation and competitiveness increase with every shot fired. Each boy wants to have a 98, 99 and 100 cards posted on the wall, they are also prepared to assist, by coaching, others to achieve the same.

       mAJOR a Ewing Major Contingent Commander, Merchiston Castle School CCF 

The demands on your concentration at the shooting range are obvious. But what’s not so obvious is the way this concentration gives your mind a break from the thought-patterns associated with stress, anxiety and other mental health conditions. Shooting requires you to focus on the present moment and listen to your body, some of the very techniques used in mindfulness training.

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