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Director of Admissions: Kay Wilson

Telephone: +44 (0) 131 312 2201/4


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    This is the time in your son’s life for exploring and discovering new talents. He might not be good at everything, but he won’t know until he tries.

    When he first joins, we will encourage him to explore as many co-curricular options as possible and gain as much from the experiences as he can. The lessons and skills learned outside the classroom are just as valuable, and highly transferable. When he finds the activities that he really enjoys, we will help him become excellent at them. After all, this could be the start of a lifetime passion or career path. If your son is someone who finds it hard to narrow it down, we will keep a watchful eye to make sure he is managing to balance everything.

    He might be a rising sports star,  an actor, an accomplished canoeist or a concert pianist. We will help him find out. Our most popular activity is sport related. Rugby is the sport which has the greatest number of pupils involved, but music comes a close second with 113 boys attending our Choral Society.

    Co-curricular News

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    Do you know the answer, 'If you turn a right-handed glove inside out will it be right or left-handed'?


    Shooting is not a sport which is well known at Merchiston, but it is one at which we excel.

    Discover FACE

    Making slime, handling snakes and cooking on the campfire, just some of the activities our Juniors get up to!