Cutting Edge: Fables From The Stables

Cutting Edge: Fables From The Stables

10th June, 2019

Early Summer Musings

In my most recent ‘Musings’, I alluded to our ‘Fables’ being a little more fragmented due to the busyness of the department and the time of the year when cutting grass and preparing sports pitches are far more important than ruminating about them. However, since the boys left for half term, we have had a lot of rain in East Central Scotland, which is allowing us to reflect on the similar weather conditions we suffered in 2012 –  my first summer which is indelibly etched in my brain. Here is a small reminder for those who weren’t born and or have chosen to delete from their memory!

The above was a regular feature during the summer of 2012, before we had the cricket square properly levelled. However, it always keeps me honest, even through the sunny weather. Mr Gilmour will vouch for this.

Here is a picture from our rain gauge to show how much rain has fallen since Saturday 25 May. Over 50mm (2 inches in old money) has fallen, and if you look in the background, you will see a nicely formed pond opposite the stables.

The above picture is a far cry from the tropical conditions over the Easter weekend.

With all the above, the weather relented sufficiently, if not a little too late, to allow the Junior matches to take place on Saturday afternoon. We were also able to prepare the 1st XI cricket area for our first ever full representative match between the Eastern Knights and the Western Warriors, where several Scottish internationals were on show, including the school’s own Oli Hairs. It was a minor miracle to produce the wicket we did: I am extremely grateful to Mr Chalmers for all his hard work in producing this wicket, which, by the reports of both umpires and players, was of an extremely high standard and commensurate with the level of cricket being played.

The covers moved to allow work and the elements to help the drying process, other sheeting aiding to keep the place dry.

The final product, all marked up and ready to go.

The game in progress; no whites to be seen.

Well, a quicker update than expected this month. Let’s hope the sun shines soon and our next report will be a little less gloomy!

Mr Yan HIp

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