D of E Bronze qualifying expedition D of E Bronze qualifying expedition

D of E Bronze qualifying expedition

13th October, 2017

Outdoor Education

10-12 October 2017

Staff: Darren George, David Thomson, Alan Ewing and Rachel Mullan & 10 freelance expedition staff

Students: 57 Shell boys, split into 9 groups

Day 1: Refresher training on the Pentlands Hills, followed by route card planning and backpack packing. The evening saw the groups load all the backpacks onto the trailers, ready for an early departure the following morning.

Day 2: We set off from School early on Wednesday morning in inclement weather and the groups were dropped off at 9 separate locations. The forecast was set for better weather in the afternoon and the boys made good progress. All assessors met the groups, either close to or at their campsites. All groups were found to be in good spirits and enjoying the first day of the expedition.

Day 3: With a very early start on the third day for some groups, they all made rapid progress to their finish locations and were picked up and dropped off at the kit sort location. Once all kit was packed away, they did their presentations and were pleased to hear they had passed the expedition section of the award. This was a challenging expedition with the weather, numbers of students involved and equipment failures (trailer flat tyre). All staff were really impressed by the positive attitude of the boys and their teamwork skills overall.

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