D of E Silver Mountain Biking

D of E Silver Mountain Biking

29th June, 2017

RogersonSchool Trip

A group of six Rogerson boys went on a qualifying expedition for their Silver Awards this week.

Day 1:
We started in mixed weather, having spent a good amount of time checking kit and ensuring maintenance equipment was all in place. The boys seemed in good spirits and we made solid progress to Perth, where we picked up the bikes and additional instructors. The actual time when we got started was close to 14:00 but the boys made good progress, despite the drizzle and midges whenever we stopped. Unfortunately, the camp location was busy and the rain had come in more heavily by now. Despite this, the boys were in high spirits, although the water quality was poor with the dry weather over the past weeks.
Day 2:
With plentiful midges about, breakfast was had rapidly and the boys set off in windy and cold conditions. There was a fair bit of rain in the forecast and it quickly arrived, but with the warm weather, the boys maintained their spirits. There were a few navigational challenges over the day and the group had to relocate on a couple of occasions, but this was done without fuss and we eventually made it to camp, tired and hungry but thrilled to have made it.
Day 3:
Another midge-infested breakfast and the boys made for an early start. Good progress was initially made but then, unfortunately, a mechanical issue held up the group somewhat. With an hour’s delay, they made up the time rapidly and had learnt lots on managing themselves on B roads. Finally, the sun came out towards the end of the expedition and, with lots of research done, the boys were well set for their presentation in 48 hours time.

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