First Bookgroup meetings of the term

First Bookgroup meetings of the term

28th April, 2017

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On Monday 24 April the Sixth Form Book Group met to discuss The Sellout by Paul Beatty.
Here are some of the members’ thoughts about this book…

This book started off as a really funny, slightly obscene set of stories about the narrator’s childhood and adolescence. However, I didn’t really find a plot and struggled to keep interested so I really didn’t enjoy it. But I am sure it will tickle other people’s fancies!

I did find this book interesting, particularly some parts. However, the inconsistent and limited plot made it a difficult read at points and therefore less enjoyable overall.

Sometimes thought-provoking, but over-blown and, at times, self-satisfied.

Nice title and interesting choice of cover design but I couldn’t quite bring myself to read it.

‘The Sellout’ is witty, intelligent and quickly develops a strong narrative perspective from which to view bluntly the failures of American society. For me, that is where the positives end. The problem is the lack of plot, or rather a plot so over-layered with digression, commentary, polemic and sub-plot that it suffocates before it can come to fruition. Characterisation is also problematic, with no real sense of emotional connection established and thus no desire to continue reading. So, I am ashamed to admit, the book defeated me and eventually after three valiant attempts to make progress, I gave up.

The group members have decided to read an extra book before the end of term – The Descent of Men by Grayson Perry – and to discuss this after half term before they set off for ‘pastures new’.

On Thursday 27 April, the First Form Book Group met to discuss Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling.
Here are some of the boys’ thoughts about this book…

This book is a good selection of interesting stories. My personal favourite was ‘The Crab that Played with the Sea’ because I liked the crab’s attitude, which was cheeky.

This was my favourite book of our group reads this year because this book was good the whole way through. My favourite story was ‘The Tabu Tale’, which was an extra story that I had in my special edition of the book.

This book didn’t interest me at all – I didn’t like this book at all.

I thought this book was a great book. I really liked how the elephant got his trunk in ‘The Elephant’s Child’ story. Some stories were not as interesting as others.


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