The first half term in Chalmers West

The first half term in Chalmers West

27th October, 2017

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The first half of the Autumn Term 2017 has proved to be exciting, fulfilling and wholly positive for the boys of Chalmers West. Even though we are only six weeks into the new term, we already have a thriving community of young men who are working hard in class, putting 100% into what they do, and, most importantly, enjoying sharing space and time with each other.

The huge array of activities on offer by Merchiston will have certainly played a part in forming the positive Chalmers West atmosphere. The first event of the year involved the Edinburgh Samba Band working with the boys to create music, using either body percussion or samba drums – an extremely noisy team-building event that was followed by a house curry night; perfect for the boys all to get to know each other.

Mr and Mrs Ogilvie-Jones got to know the boys from each of the Chalmers West dorms, during the Dorm Social evenings. With hot chocolate and cookies a plenty, stories of the ‘funniest time in my life’ were exchanged! (The boys particularly liked to listen to Mrs Ogilvie-Jones telling stories about Mr Ogilvie-Jones’s funniest moments!).

The Chalmers West gathering with the Headmaster and Mrs Hunter was a splendid evening, with the boys learning about table etiquette as well as enjoying a scrumptious three-course meal. This evening provided an opportunity for members of the Senior Leadership Team, tutors and other key staff to chat with the boys, to see how they were settling into Chalmers West.

The first social of the term was hosted by Kilgraston, with a ‘speed dating’ and disco evening; great fun was had by all and we very much look forward to the return engagement this half of term – with a milkshakes and mocktails themed disco.

The Sunday trips have included Ghost and History walks and shopping in Edinburgh, water adventures at Foxlake, Prefect games (with cooking and team building), the culinary delights of Nando’s and ten pin bowling. Particular highlights from these trips include the Ringo rides at Foxlake; despite the cold wind blowing in, the boys thoroughly enjoyed splashing around in the water. The Ghost and History walk around the streets of the Royal Mile provided us with an insight into its slightly dim past, with a tour in the caverns under the South Bridge captivating the imagination of the boys.

Chalmers West took part in a number of Anti-Bullying Week activities. All Chalmers West boys put forward their ideas for positive and safe action that can be taken by the ‘bystander’ in the ‘bullying triangle’ (perpetrator/s, those on the receiving end and the bystander/s). The collated responses form a Chalmers West Anti-Bullying Charter, which has been signed by all Chalmers West boys, staff and prefect team.

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