Football Coaching: SCFA

Football Coaching: SCFA

23rd March, 2018

Sixth FormSport

From a young age, football has been a passion of mine. I began playing in primary school and was selected for the School team within my age group. I then joined Merchiston in J4, where I was still able to play football. However, there was a greater emphasis on rugby which I developed a further interest in and played alongside football until two years ago, when I made the decision to give up rugby and focus on football.

I was already involved, as a volunteer, with the football holiday programme, ‘Bend It Like Beesley’, catering for children aged from 5-12 years, with Spartans Community Football Academy (SCFA) when they approached Merchiston looking for potential Youth Ambassadors. Stepping out of my comfort zone and with an ambition to pursue a future career in sport, I grabbed this opportunity.

The Spartans Community Football Academy SCFA runs a Saturday/Sunday football camp for young footballers, girls and boys, who are aged between three and twelve years. Their aim and focus is “on the development of football skills in a safe, friendly environment”. With this in mind, they inspire young people to become more active, make new friends and most importantly develop a stronger love for the game.

Currently, when time allows, I am a Sunday Youth Ambassador. This involves aiding the community coaches with the planning, preparation (assist with ‘setting up’ of sessions with all equipment being returned and stored correctly at the end), organisation and delivery of the football sessions.

During my time with SCFA  I have been privileged enough to learn multiple skills, including ensuring that all children are given an equal opportunity to learn, helping to improve the children’s skills whilst making sure they are having fun and that the coaching environment is safe for the children involved.

I have also been fortunate enough to gain my Scottish Football Association (SFA) level 1.1 Early Touches and level 1.2 Coaching Young Footballers badges and hope to undertake the level 1.3 badge later this year.

Alastair, LVI


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