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Alexander UVI Form and Golf Academy Pupil, Captain of Rugby and Head of Liaison

When I first joined Merchiston in J5 I was nervous but excited for the new challenge. Merchiston is very different to my old school in many different ways through smaller class sizes and the amazing rugby programme allowing all boys to maximise their potential. I feel so much different now than when I first joined.

As I have been here so long, I am very comfortable and confident in the Merchiston environment. I have become independent through the increased responsibility that has been put on us as we have grown up, to take leadership in school life, but also over our own development and learning.

I have grown to love the social sciences throughout my time at school leading to me studying English, History and Geography at A level. The school environment maximizes our sports programmes and academic learning as we interact with teachers who serve as tutors in our houses at night. Developing our relationships with coaches and teachers means that we have the best possibility of achieving to our highest ability. I am also a member of the senior pipe band starting the pipes in J5. This gives me an alternative to sports and academic studies creating variety in my school life. I would tell a perspective pupil that they should strongly consider coming to Merchiston as it is perfect for all types of student whether they are of academic interest, sporting or music. My favourite memory alongside the rugby cup final was our rugby tour to South Africa last summer. This was the greatest experience I have ever had getting the opportunity to expand my rugby skills testing myself against the best abroad but also the culture we created on that tour set us up perfectly to be a successful squad this year.

I love the inclusive nature of Merchiston and the warm environment it has developed.


September 2011


I have always enjoyed rugby, golf and football. I also play bagpipes and am a member of the senior pipe band. I have done Cecil Stagg this year and have been a member of the Pupil Learning Council.


My greatest memory is winning the Scottish cup for rugby in 2019. This was the first time in 10 years the school had won and through me being here for so long it meant a huge amount: I could see how much the school needed a win to complement the amazing rugby set up we have, and  rewarded us for the effort we have put in all year.

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