Housemother Blog: Chalmers East

Housemother Blog: Chalmers East

22nd March, 2019

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We are very lucky to have a wonderful group of Prefects, who play a vital role in the running of the House. Our Prefects act as positive role models for the Shell boys and are there to help guide and support them during their time in Chalmers East.

The Prefects have to juggle their own studying and exam commitments with duties and responsibilities within the House. Such duties include conducting roll calls and ensuring the boys are all completing their evening house duties, such as checking the kitchen is tidy and hoovering the dayroom. Being a Prefect at Merchiston is a great opportunity for the UVI Form boys to gain experience in dealing with responsibility by managing and guiding others – important skills which they will need when they leave school.


The Prefects also get to discuss important issues with the boys, and it is often useful for the Shell boys, to hear these messages from young people of a similar age, and not their teachers.

This week the Chalmers East Prefects have been leading sessions in the House on ‘Vaping Awareness’. Vaping amongst young people is a worrying trend, which is on the increase. These sessions were a great opportunity for the Prefects to discuss the dangers and health risks attached to vaping with the boys in an informal way.

You can read below a breakdown of the week, written by our Prefects themselves.

Monday – George (Resident Prefect)
After a relaxing weekend, I started the week on good form. In the afternoon rugby session, we started to look really good, and that made my day. I also started to look towards getting my presentation ready for the boys next week, about the impacts of their diet and their health.

Tuesday – Dan (Deputy Head of House and Wellbeing Prefect)
An early morning to begin the day off, to ensure the boys are ready and looking smart to start their day with the Whole School Assembly. Moving on into the afternoon, the boys had their sporting activities and in the evening, I held Wellbeing Hour, in which the boys have an opportunity to come and talk about anything bothering them or just general chit chat.

Wednesday – Ben (Resident Prefect)
So today was my duty day, which meant a 7 am wake up this morning – my favourite of course! But just in case that wasn’t good enough, it ended up being about 6.15 am, so I could go along to the gym for an hour or so before getting some breakfast and ready for morning duty. I surprised myself when I didn’t fall asleep halfway through roll call. Luckily, the rest of the day was reasonably relaxing, with three study periods in the morning, which was perfect. I think the best part about Wednesdays is the afternoon at CCF. The boys get given rifles and I have to teach them how to use them properly.

Thursday – Lachlan (Head of House)
This week my duty fell on a Thursday and roll call is 8.05 am. However, a number of the boys have been up for almost two hours by this point – doing Strength and Conditioning, in the gym, from 6:30 onwards. A far earlier start than I had to face! Other than this, the day ran as normal – lessons, music lessons, and a final rugby training session. To finish the day, the boys did their prep and then some time to relax before bed – much needed for the boys who have been up since 6 am!

Friday – Rory (Resident Prefect)
To start the day was a usual roll call, followed by VI Form Assembly, in which myself and the other Prefects attended. Other than this, the day ran smoothly, with lessons through until 4 pm – a long day for a Friday! Followed by prep and a chance to look forward to the weekend ahead, in which boys will have a variety of different things going on, as per usual! A relaxing end to a busy week, for boys and Prefects!

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