Housemother Blog: Chalmers West

Housemother Blog: Chalmers West

15th March, 2019

Chalmers WestMiddle years

Food glorious food!

As we all know, growing boys have large appetites. The Catering Department here at Merchiston provide an amazing array of food three times a day, 7 days a week. There is always a wide selection on offer to ensure the boys have a choice and there’s often enough for seconds – even after a potential three course dinner. The Catering Department, headed up by Alison Hanna, are always open to new ideas and keen to work with the boys to keep them healthy, full and happy. Recently, Mrs Allison (Chalmers East Housemother extraordinaire!) approached Alison and Head Chef, Shaun, with the fabulous idea of serving the boys noodles for breakfast with healthy veg and ramen.  Shaun agreed, and straight away, the noodle breakfast bar was trialled and has been a massive hit with many of the boys.

In House, we have ‘stocks’ delivered daily; milk, cheese, bread and butter. Toasties are a fundamental basic in the boarding houses, especially at break and in the evening after prep!


In order to encourage the boys to eat more healthily, we have worked with Chef Shaun and arranged for healthy snacks to be delivered from the school kitchens to keep the boys energised from break until lunch; two days a week, we get healthy cakes (filled with veg)  and one day we get fruit skewers. Needless to say, everything gets devoured as they all taste delicious.



The boys are allowed tuck in Chalmers West on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. During free time, they are allowed to visit the local shops (with limited funds!) but they are not allowed to bring any fizzy drinks back to the House. We do spend time talking to the boys about what they are eating, especially around their sugar consumption but we do understand that during downtime they want to eat ‘tuck’; biscuits, popcorn and noodles are all copiously consumed. Since banning fizzy drinks, the house has been notably calmer and they are now kept for socials or treats with the Housemaster.

We couldn’t let pancake day pass us by either, making pancakes for so many boys was hot work!


This term, the boys have also enjoyed meals out to Frankie and Benny’s with Kilgraston School, enjoyed pizza’s on Saturday nights and some of the boys enjoyed a meal out with St George’s to celebrate Chinese New Year.

With the Easter holiday fast approaching, many of the boys are looking forward to the Geography Trip to Iceland. I wonder what local delicacies they will try there? The next blog from Chalmers West will be from some of the boys who went to Iceland and what they got up to, so look out for this in the next few weeks!

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