Housemother Blog: Laidlaw North

Housemother Blog: Laidlaw North

2nd March, 2019

Sixth Form

Since the start of term, we have had a busy time with socials; starting with a Cheese and Wine Evening for the Prefects. The boys really enjoyed sampling various types of cheese from around the world. We have also had an evening with hot dogs and onions, which was a huge success and everything was devoured in no time at all! Similarly, our Pizza Night, which was the last event before Half Term, was a very enjoyable evening.


This year, we have had a very mild and dry winter in Edinburgh, and the boys were excited to see the first fall of snow, albeit it a small amount and only lasting a day or so. We are all hoping we do not see a return of the Beast from the East at the end of this month! The cold snap resulted in a weekend of very low temperatures, -5°, which sadly caused disruption to our rugby fixtures. The upside of this, was that the boys could watch their beloved game on television in the warmth of the House – Scotland v Italy.


This week, I was delighted to be able to watch the hockey v Loretto game. The boys played exceptionally well, in particular Magnus and Tobias, with a result of 1-0 to Merchiston. It is amazing how many skills our pupils have including academic, sporting, music and more.


The boys have all worked very hard this term, both in their sporting activities and academically. The UVI Form mock exams are now finished – phew! So, the boys now have a little breathing space to prepare for the A Level exams next term before they move on to the next chapter of their lives.

To sum up, the boys are in high spirits and are looking forward to what the rest of the term has to offer, not least the Merchi Sevens and the Highland Ball, but they are also ready for a truly deserved break over Easter.

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