International Marine Conference – Day 2

International Marine Conference – Day 2

4th March, 2019


Day 2

We set out for our second day of the Conference at 7am, so as to beat rush hour traffic and on our arrival in Glasgow enjoyed breakfast at a local café. After which we headed to the University of Strathclyde, where we had tea and coffee whilst listening to a short introduction to the day. From here, we went to our first stage of the morning the Citizen Science session, where we received six small lectures of about 15 minutes from different researchers and scientists on how better to keep our local Scottish coasts and oceans clean and safe.

Following these, we were split into three separate groups, where we listened and contributed to conversations with a variety of scientists, on how better to promote the idea of keeping our oceans clean. This was a really good experience for us, as we were given the chance to put forward our own views and ideas on the topics being discussed. After a buffet lunch, supplied by Strathclyde University, we attended the young people’s session, in which a range of school children to university students spent more time discussing how to promote the idea of protecting our oceans.

To finish of the day, we took part in a question and answer session in the university auditorium with a panel of scientists and environmentalists.

Magnus, LVI Form

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