IV Form Geography Field Trip IV Form Geography Field Trip

IV Form Geography Field Trip

11th October, 2017

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As part of the IV Form Geography unit on “The Geography of Crime”, 42 IV Form pupils had an exciting adventure yesterday carrying out field research in Edinburgh into people’s perception of crime in the Edinburgh region. This included devising questionnaire surveys, which they then used on members of the public in each of the Colinton, Princes Street, Leith and Morningside areas of town. They also carried out ‘Burglarability’ surveys of houses and businesses, undertook Environmental Quality Assessments of different streets, Housing Decay Surveys, and a Mental Mapping Exercise, comparing their own perception of how ‘safe’ they thought different parts of Edinburgh were prior to their fieldwork, compared with after their fieldwork was completed.

All sorts of interesting experiences were had, and interesting insights gained from being able to compare these contrasting regions, and it is lovely that the staff accompanying the fieldwork received complimentary comments from the public about how polite the pupils were being in carrying out their fieldwork. After the fun of the day’s field research, the hard work now begins in the classroom, experimenting with different graphing and mapping techniques to present their data, and then interpreting their findings, drawing conclusions from their results, and then evaluating their research design and methodologies used. Thanks go to the staff of the Geography Department (Dr Bower, Mr Hall and Mr Buchanan) and other accompanying staff from the School (Dr Lawson, Mr Calvo-Martin, and Rev Blair) for organising this day’s adventure, and supervising the groups throughout the day. Congratulations to the pupils also for carrying out all the required tasks in all areas so successfully.

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