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Callum J5 Pupil, Captain of Junior Cricket Team

I felt a bit scared when I first joined Merchiston because I didn’t know anyone. But I made friends straight way and it felt good. Now I feel really good about going to school and I have lots of friends at school.

One of the highlights of my year so far has been the residential trip to Dounans. This was because it was really fun.

During my time at Merchiston I’ve learned to have better manners. Which I needed to do!

I love studying maths and geography because I find them fun and easy.

With the amount of outdoor space at the school it is such an amazing place to be. I like all the plants and trees I get to see in the school grounds.

I would tell anyone who is thinking starting at the school that it is a very good school for sport and if they would like to be active they will love it here.


September 2018


I enjoy geography because it’s fun. I love all the sports as I love to be active. And the lunches are another favourite part of my day because the food is tasty.


My funniest memory is one of my classmates falling into a huge puddle on our residential trip. He was absolutely soaked.

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