The catering team at Merchiston believes passionately that feeding young bodies is every bit as important as feeding young minds.

Our team of chefs from our caterers, Chartwells Independent, are dedicated to sourcing the finest ingredients with as much local provenance as is practical. These ingredients are then crafted into dishes that are nutritionally balanced, taste good and presented to the pupils with great care.

There is a daily vegetarian option and we are fully committed to meeting individual pupils specific dietary requirements and are proud of our ability to do this. Regular communication with the pupils at point of service and through committee meetings has enabled us to respond appropriately to our ever more discerning clientele.

Each House has a kitchen where snacks can be prepared. Before the 10.50am break, supplies are delivered to the Houses which may consist of milk, bread, cheese, fruit, butter, jam etc.

Along with our desire for food excellence we also ensure food safety. But of course, we all know that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so please take a moment to come and see all that is going on in the dining hall and meet our team at Merchiston and do take a look at the menus below.

General Manager – 0131 312 2223
Executive Chef – 0131 312 2023


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