It is extremely important for our pupils to gain a solid understanding of the world in which we live, a world where two thirds of the population lives in poverty. Our boys live in a very comfortable world and, without imposing a sense of guilt, we encourage them to see where our privileged status and resources can help improve the situation of others. Charitable giving, both of time and money, has therefore been key to our understanding of human activity, driven by the Christian ideal of ‘love your neighbour’.

This is achieved through a variety of fund raising events, such as the Charity Ball, sponsored walks and the like, and also our weekly offering collected at the Sunday Service. Boys, parents and visitors can be most generous in their giving and we are able to raise between £90 and £400 at the weekly Sunday Service. This money is given to a variety of charities both here and abroad, such as the Sick Kids Edinburgh, Cancer Research, Saint Catherine’s Homeless Project, Rock Trust, Sightsavers International, UNICEF, Shelter, and many others.

Our longstanding contact abroad has been with a Leprosarium in India, Saint Luke’s, in the southern tip of India, and a home for disabled boys in the same district.

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