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jared Shell Pupil, Member of Pupil Council

I intended a public school before joining Merchiston and was exited but yet nervous the same as everyone else, however, almost immediately became good friends with Tom and we are still best mates to date.

My first year was great, making friends with almost everyone in the year. I was glad to join when we were at the top of Pringle leading to challenges and responsibilities I was ready for.

My second year at Merchiston was wonderful and I was glad to have such a great Housemaster. I made many new friends. I'm glad to have more freedom this year and cannot wait for Chalmers East and the year 2019/2020.


September 2017


My main interest at the school is rugby, then football and chemistry as it is my favourite and best subject


My few greatest achievements of the year are having to work hard to get myself into the first rugby team and also improving on my football skills and I will be trying to get into the team.

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