100% Pass in the British Assoc of Rally Schools

100% Pass in the British Assoc of Rally Schools

22nd March, 2018

Chalmers WestSport

When and where I first learned to drive
I first learnt to drive at my house. My uncle, who won the British Superbike Championship in the 1980s, came round to teach me to drive a manual car at the age of 11. This started my interest in driving and learning about cars.

First events I took part In
The first event I went to was the Snowman Rally in the North of Scotland. I was not driving, I was marshalling (a marshal is a person who would start you, finish you, timer, medic), etc. While we were at these marshalling events, one of the officials said, “as you are marshalling and helping out, would you like to get behind the wheel?” Of course, I said I would love to, and then that’s how I started.

Cars I have driven along the way
I have been driving now for three years and I have been very fortunate to drive some great cars, including a 1963 Aston Martin Db4 Gt between the international pits and national pits at Silverstone last year; a 1966 e-type Jaguar; a 1957 Ferrari 750 Monza; and a 1985 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2. I have also spent two days racing down south and I learnt how to drive a Ginetta junior race car: this is a car that has been built for a race series, both for juniors and adults.

Rallying experience
The most recent rally I have taken part in was on Sunday 11 March at Knockhill Race Circuit in Fife. I came first in my class. I was competing in the 14-17 age group, so I was one of the youngest there. I also took my BARS (British Association of Rally Schools) course and passed all of the components of my written exam, fitness tests and eight driving tests.

Current renovation projects
Whenever I am not racing, I love to help out at car events and with cars in general. I love to help out and learn about all the parts of a car. For example, I am learning about all the components of a combustion engine. As a family, we are currently restoring a 1966 Mercedes 230sl pagoda with a very rare five-speed ZF gearbox. There are now only meant to be less than a hundred of these left, which is amazing, and we are hoping to sell that for a good price. It has gone under a three year restoration project and now is being put back together ready to be sold. Our next project is a 1985 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2. – and I am really looking forward to the next project.

My car life
As I have already mentioned, I love to help with car events and cars in general with my family and friends. And I love meeting lots of new interesting friends through car events. The car events I am taking part in in 2018 are: Goodwood Festival of Speed, Silverstone Classic, Concours d’elegance and London Excel. And my future driving date is the j1000 ecosse Rally, this time from 14-17 years old.

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