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Chapel Services are inter-denominational, and we regularly invite representatives of the main branches of the Church to speak.

Most Services will have a guest preacher and every effort is made to select speakers who are able to communicate well with young people.

Rev Nicholas Blair has been Chaplain at Merchiston since 2004. He lives on site with his wife Fiona and their 3 children. You can read his LIVEWELL approach to chaplaincy below.



A fundamental principle not often talked about in Schools. Love for oneself, for one’s neighbours, for the natural world. Our assemblies and Chapel services all revolve around this central thought. 


An encouragement to look inside oneself and ask big questions about life, purpose and our attitudes to and interactions with these questions. Also to “see ourselves as others see us”.


Our Chapel Services and assemblies help to promote and explain the School ethos. Our framework is Christian, but we recognise the importance of respecting the views of others, from all faiths and none.


In many directions: of the individual, of the School community, of Faith, and, more broadly, of spirituality. We run Confirmation each year and our voluntary Lent readings are usually accessed by 200+.


Open House on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays. These groups are open to all, regardless of faith background with Mondays taking the form of a Bible based discussion. My wife, Fi, and I believe that our home is a gift from God via the School and we wish to share that gift and our hospitality (normally a curry!). This year alone we have had over 500 individual visits to our home.


To promote an understanding of many religions, their history and practice, with a hope that greater knowledge leads to greater respect and understanding, and of making lots of connections to Art, Music, Literature, Politics and History.


Chaplaincy involves lots of tea, coffee, chats and listening. I am available to you, your son and our staff at any time, to listen and to help; in times of celebration and mourning, during term time and holidays.


It begins and ends with Love. My motivation is my belief in God’s love for me and all of creation. I wish to share this with the School community and hope that, with God’s help, it will help all of us to LIVEWELL.

School News

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Student v Merchistonian Shooting Competition

On the morning of Sunday 15 May, 8 students travelled up to Cluny clays in Fife to shoot a clays match against the Merchistonians. During the afternoon the Merchiston small-bore shooting team welcomed the Merchistonians in the Miller Range to compete in the annual competition.

Skandar and the Unicorn Thief

Today we were lucky enough to welcome A.F. Steadman, the author of 'Skandar and the Unicorn Thief', to Merchiston for a magical Monday morning.

Sakura Cherry Trees Project  Dedication Ceremony

Today we held a dedication ceremony to mark the donation of three ornamental cherry trees by the Sakura Cherry Trees Project. We were delighted to welcome Mr Tadashi Fujiwara, Japanese Consul General.

Geography Pentlands Fieldtrip

On 28 April all IGCSE Geography pupils visited the Pentland Hills where the source of the Lyne Water is located. This was in order to undertake fieldwork for their coursework which involves measuring many river variables. Shell students Teiyoon K and Adrian W tell us more...