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Pupil Leadership

Pupils at Merchiston Castle School standing for a minute of silence by the Garden of Remembrance in November 2023

Thank you to everyone who joined us last Sunday for our annual Service of Remembrance.

View of Memorial Hall at Merchiston Castle School with pews facing the stage

We held our annual Senior Prefects’ Service on Sunday where an incredible amount was raised in support of the DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal

junior year boy students talking to sixth form boy student

The days of heroic leadership in schools are numbered. Instances of figureheads leading the charge in isolation are becoming fewer and further between.

Instead, forward-thinking establishments now opt for a more complete approach to leadership. They favour the instilling of positive values, and enabling those within the structures to lead themselves and others to excellence by doing simple things well and by habit. Clarity of vision and consistency of the message are key to this so that all parties feel included and part of something bigger than themselves.

At Merchiston we aim to develop leadership skills in your son from an early age, and provide him with opportunities to build his skills and confidence. We will equip him with the necessary tools to thrive and to play his part in leading the school to excellence, be that doing his best in a Maths lesson in Juniors, or delivering a presentation in front of 600 people as Captain of the School.

We have learned as staff that ‘it’s not about us’ and we believe the pupils hold the keys to the future; we simply want to provide them with the doors of opportunity.



Mr Anderson and Mr Rowlands discuss the importance of leadership within Sixth Form and the role of the Pupil Leadership Team. 

6 ways your son might learn to lead include: