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Evans (Age 16+)

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Although Evans is for day boys, your son can, and will, move freely between the Sixth Form Houses throughout the day, using common areas in break and at lunchtime or visiting friends. 

Separating the Houses in this way, does however mean he will have plenty of space, including a large study area, a quiet study space and room for music practise.

In the Sixth Form there is nothing which is more important than your son’s academic work, and it is upon this that he will begin to build his future. Keeping a careful balance between sporting, social and academic commitments is essential and we are always here to support and advise if he feels he is having difficulties coping with the demands of his programme.

Sixth Form may seem daunting at the outset, but it will also be exciting and full of opportunities. There isn't necessarily a house philosophy as such but the following aims are what we regard as important in ensuring that your son will enjoy a successful VI Form.  

  • Act like young men and you will be treated like young men
  • Look after and take an interest in each other
  • Approach each aspect of your school life with positivity
  •  Embrace all of the opportunities available at school
  • Be a positive role model to others
  • Be proactive, seek help when you need it and consider the advice offered

A successful VI Form ends with each boy ready and prepared for life beyond school.