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Wellbeing underpins everything we do, and your son’s wellbeing will always be our primary concern.

We can’t be the safe and happy community we strive for without everyone within the community feeling healthy, included, nurtured, respected, safe, valued, supported and able to achieve and lead active, responsible lives. Your son’s wellbeing is monitored regularly, as is that of our staff, and he’ll be asked to feedback in these areas.

Your son will have a well-defined support structure around him. As well as a House Parent and a Tutor, specific Prefects will be tasked with safeguarding his welfare at School, understanding him and helping with any other issues. He will also have an Assistant House Parent to look after him throughout his time with us.

The Chaplaincy Team provides spiritual guidance and we offer in-house counselling; many parents find the intuitive skills of these professionals a valuable resource. All members of the teaching staff play a vital role in ensuring your son’s wellbeing, through their involvement in the classroom, in activities and in the boarding houses.

From our perspective as new parents, we have found the School’s attention to wellbeing to be excellent. It has allowed our son to get used to boarding in the junior house and they have been very good with him. He has an excellent house mother and support network which has made his transition from day school to boarding school so much easier. We are very impressed with all aspects of his care.

Current Parent Merchiston Juniors