Senior Book Group: The Bone Clocks

Senior Book Group: The Bone Clocks

13th January, 2015

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On Monday  the Senior Book Group met to discuss The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell.

Here are some of their thoughts about this book…

I enjoyed the networking between novels and sections, and the concept of that, but I didn’t so much like the way Mitchell jumps around juggling characters and stories. Hugo Lamb’s development, having read ‘Black Swan Green’, was the most interesting aspect of the book, and, though I don’t often enjoy character development much, this was really great. ‘Myrrh is mine its bitter perfume’ was my favourite section, for being poetic and deep, quotable and meaningful.

I did really enjoy this book and what made it even more enjoyable was the way in which Mitchell links characters from his other works to this novel which helps give a greater understanding of characters such as Hugo Lamb, even if his ‘dark side’ stays relatively quiet in this instance. I am not really sure if I enjoyed how Mitchell would completely abandon a particular plot twist for more than 100 pages before it returns, just when you have almost completely forgotten about it! Overall, however, a very good read, definitely worth it despite the size.

The characters are imaginative, creative and addictive. The characters are what make the novel, their development and growth are an experience that grips and enthralls. Fantastic novel and worth the read.

After reading ‘Cloud Atlas’ I wasn’t sure David Mitchell could top that level of brilliance in his next book, but I found reading ‘The Bone Clocks’ really fascinating and compelling. And it also features one of my new favourite characters ever, Hugo Lamb, in his story ‘Myrrh is mine its bitter perfume’.

Great book, the second David Mitchell book I have read and I enjoyed the style again. An interesting read and very insightful. It encourages me to read more David Mitchell novels.

I really liked this book mainly because of the variety and detail of its characters. For me the story took second place. Characters such as Crispin Hershey and Hugo Lamb were a joy to read.

The group will meet again in February to discuss A Month in the Country by J.L. Carr.

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