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Alex UVI Pupil, Laidlaw South prefect, Geography prefect and Economics prefect

When I first joined the school, I was relatively nervous as I was stepping into an unfamiliar environment as this would be the first time I had ever experienced boarding school. Now I feel almost as though I have been in the school for years, it was easy to settle in and this has made the past year feel like it has flown by due to the comfortable environment the school has.

The ease of becoming a part of the school community has meant that I have been able to experience progress and good results from my work in school and has allowed me to experience a higher level of the sports I enjoy. These two experiences have further boosted me into higher levels of responsibility in the school and have ultimately allowed me to achieve three prefect roles; two in my favourite subjects and in my boarding house.

As well as the academic and sporting environments that allow boys at the school to achieve great progress and develop a great mindset, the social aspect of a school always has an influence on the ability to achieve and Merchiston's social atmosphere is incredible, not just in Laidlaw South but also across Laidlaw North and each of the other house’s boys are welcoming to new comers which again helps create an atmosphere in which boys can achieve the best for themselves.

As well as this, the commitment that teachers provide to boys both in and out of lessons is phenomenal and I personally have never experienced anything like it, they are constantly happy to help with work in and out of class, as well as just explaining a concept to a student multiple times in different ways until they can grasp the idea. I would say this environment has allowed me personally to grow and progress in both studies and as a person.

Overall, I would say if you are thinking about joining Merchiston, just go for it, it's an incredible journey filled with great prospects in the future. It is one of the best decisions I've ever made and I personally couldn't recommend anywhere with a better environment for sport, social life and academics.


September 2018


I enjoy rugby it is one of my favourite sports to play and watch. I also enjoy economics both in the perspective of a student in lessons and of the outside world.


I would say my most inspiring moment in Merchiston was when Doddie Weir came into the school to talk about his life experiences and how we can achieve what we want to achieve by working hard and being dedicated. This helped put me into a mindset were I now believe that by working hard both in and out of academics I can progress to the point at which I can achieve anything I want to and more all it takes is a bit of dedication and some hard work.

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