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JaKub UVI Pupil, Deputy Head of Laidlaw North and SpringBoard Scholar

Before coming to Merchiston, I went to a local state school in Liverpool. It was what you would call an average high school in England with classes of more than 20 people where your day would finish at 14:50. I thought that after leaving school, I would not be as successful as I would like to be until I received a scholarship to study at Merchiston - that's when my perspective changed. 

As I joined Merchiston, it didn't take long until I made many friends and built a strong relationship with people I live with, especially with other new boys. Academically, I am not the smartest person, but I work extremely hard no matter what. Previously in my last school, you had to count on yourself to achieve good grades. At Merchiston, since my very first lesson here, I could feel the difference in support that the teachers gave me, pushing me further with my studies and helping me to fill in my study gaps, especially in History. 

The school day at Merchiston doesn't finish at 14:50, as I have activities after lessons, where I can keep myself fit and also spend time with my friends. Merchiston has changed my perspective on my future, showing me different pathways which I could take to achieve my goals after finishing Sixth Form. Merchiston has helped me to believe in myself, showed me that hard work pays off, and that failure is a lesson learned, and success is the lesson applied. 

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