“We are extremely happy with how our son settled in and is taken care of at Merchiston. As a keen golfer he was really excited right from the very first meeting with the Golf Academy team. The Academy provides great training facilities and a superb level of individual attention to each pupil and all aspects of the game. In particular he enjoys representing the School in a rich calendar of individual and team competitions on some of the finest golf courses across not only the ‘home of golf’ but the whole of Great Britain.” Current parent

“My son is a fanatical golfer and reluctant scholar. In being chosen to join the Golf Academy he has found both a reason to work hard at his studies and a reward for having done so. He is not the kind of boy who thinks that if he applies himself to something that does not interest him for the next six years or so he will end up with a job which will probably pay quite well. Instead he has applied himself to his studies and achieved very good GCSE results knowing that if he fell behind in those studies he would have had to give up some of his golf time.

Having the chance to play on many very excellent courses around the country has been very exciting for him also. After being at Merchiston for a relatively short time it has been wonderful to watch him mature and grow way ahead of our expectations and the Golf Academy part of this experience has been very important.” Current parent

“I use Kings Acre during my time at home; it gives me everything I need. The range is the best I have seen anywhere.” David Drysdale, European Tour Player and Scotland World Cup Player.

“I have visited many golf short game and learning centres in all parts of Britain, Canada and the United States. The facility at Kings Acre ranks right up among the top, and is world-class. I was highly impressed by all the hitting bays, the fairways and of course, being a little biased the short game area. I loved the assortment of greens, bunkers and all types of areas and lies to hit any short trouble shot that you could experience on an actual course. I can’t express the importance of a wonderful learning facility in the overall development of young players.” Bob Vokey, Vokey Design.

“The facility at Kings Acre is as good as anything I have seen in the USA.” Shawn Callaghan, Assistant Golf Instructor at The Butch Harmon Golf School (1995-2010).

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