The Tennis Academy has developed an international standard tennis programme for the Academy Tour Players.

As a guideline, players must be county standard or above. This programme includes all individual lessons, squad training, strength and conditioning, and national and international tournament support (where possible and with support from Tennis Scotland).

The programme is based on each player’s individual ability and career path. Flexible academic timetables ensure that it is possible to schedule a full tennis programme within school hours, thereby maximizing classroom time as well as training time.

Each player has an annual competition schedule with specific events supported by coaches and personalised strength and conditioning programme to support this. Tour players will have tournament support from their individual coach, Tennis Scotland, as well as other partners, and may include international, national and local events. This tournament support will be agreed and monitored by the Tennis Academy coaches and an appropriate level of competition will be determined.

The Tennis Academy is an excellent way for young players to develop their tennis as well as for older players to pursue a University or US college career.

Every boy must have an assessment with David Brewer before being offered a place in the Tennis Academy.

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