Merchiston Castle School Tennis Academy

“My son, John-Martin, spent one school year at Merchiston and the Tennis Academy. Pretty much from day one, John was taken by the professionalism and personal qualities of the Academy. Great technical training is one (very important) thing, but  the personal touch and insight is such a vital part of helping young players achieve their best. This is one thing that the Academy, and its Head Coach, truly excel in. Probably the most painful part of leaving Merchiston for John was losing a great trainer and a fantastic Tennis Academy.”

‘”Our son, James, joined the Tennis Academy in 2007. He was able to play a high level of tennis whilst still maintaining his academic standards. He is now at University in America on  a tennis scholarship – something which would have been difficult to achieve without the involvement of Merchiston.”

“Matthew joined Merchiston as a boarding pupil in 2013 to enable him to further his tennis ambitions alongside a full academic curriculum. David has a very professional and dedicated approach to the development of the Academy and the players. Matthew finds the balance of training with other committed players and his education very enjoyable and rewarding.” Current Parent

“This is Jacob’s fifth year in the Tennis Academy Scotland at Merchiston and he continues to thrive in an environment that gives him an excellent tennis development programme combined with a full academic curriculum.

Jacob’s programme has been developed by David Brewer, in conjunction with the School, and this is monitored to ensure that the right balance between his tennis commitments and his academic progress is maintained.

Jacob participates in the same school timetable as his year group classmates, around which he attends individual tennis lessons with David, tennis squads with the rest of the Tennis Academy players, and both individual and joint strength and conditioning sessions with the Physical Coach, Dan.

The Tennis Academy coaches, David and Nathan, are clearly very committed to developing all the players at the Academy to reach their full potential and will go that extra mile to ensure that they receive the appropriate support and guidance including travelling with them to tournaments.

Through being a member of the Tennis Academy team Jacob has had some wonderful tennis experiences at home and abroad, the most recent being the World Schools Championships in Recife, Brazil. He says that the memories of playing in top class tennis matches, being part of a marvellous team spirit, forging new friendships across the globe and experiencing the bright and vibrant culture of Brazil shall stay with him always.

From my perspective, the Tennis Academy gives him the opportunity to develop and play to a high level in the sport that he loves so much without compromising the experiences of a normal school life.

Quite simply, he really wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!” Current Parent

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