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The Golf Academy has three programmes, each with a tailored schedule and the appropriate level of training and conditioning to match the talents and skill levels of your son as a golfer.


Age: 7 to 18

This activity programme is for all abilities, from beginners to the more accomplished.


Age: 12 to 18

This Intermediate Programme offers a greater intensity of learning and developing skills. It forms an important learning stage and is influential in helping your son progress and develop his golfing career. Merchiston instructors will guide, monitor and assess your son through the three key areas of overall performance: Technical Profile, Physical Profile , Performance Profile.


Age: 12 to 18

The Elite Programme is for accomplished golfers and is aimed at improving overall performance, potentially leading to a career in the game of golf. Your son will receive bespoke advice, support and direction through coaching, practice and competitions. Elite learning takes place within a variety of contexts, and the Kings Acre environment will unquestionably influence your son’s performance and promote improvement.

I have visited many golf short game and learning centres in all parts of Britain, Canada and the United States. The facility at Kings Acre ranks right up among the top, and is world-class. I was highly impressed by all the hitting bays, the fairways and of course, being a little biased the short game area. I loved the assortment of greens, bunkers and all types of areas and lies to hit any short trouble shot that you could experience on an actual course. I can’t express the importance of a wonderful learning facility in the overall development of young players.

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