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Physically - we reduce the risk of heart and lung disease whilst improving our cardiovascular fitness an overall strength. Socially - over time, we meet new people and develop a sense of belonging. And mentally - sport gives us a stress outlet, our confidence improves and we develop a sense of achievement.

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There is a long and successful sporting tradition at Merchiston. Your son can choose from up to 20 sports. Sport is genuinely for all here.  

Your son can play for fun and fitness or to compete at the highest level, nationally and internationally. Thanks to the guidance of some of the country’s leading coaches, more than 60 Merchistonians have played senior international rugby and 24 international cricket.

We aim to instil healthy habits and a love of sport that your son will take with him into adult life. That’s why we will encourage him to try new sports until he finds the ones he loves. In so doing he will learn the many transferable values of sport we espouse here, such as teamwork and resilience.

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy sport outside of timetabled sessions; your son can let off steam in the evenings with friends or tour with his team in the holidays. If he is a talented tennis or golf player he can enrol in the Tennis and Golf Academy, which offers elite training alongside a tailored academic programme. 

Solid Castle - Sport Values at Merchiston

It is important to note that we always endeavour to think of each and every boy’s ‘journey’ in terms of his ongoing fitness and his personal welfare in this area, both while he is at Merchiston, and indeed beyond his school career.

Rory McCann Director of Sport

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representation in all 2017/18 Scottish National Rugby Teams

Clan Sport

promotes leadership on and off the field and allows the participation of each and every pupil in events to showcase their talents

Sport for All

88% of all pupils, from 7-18, represented the School in sporting fixtures, 2017/18


75 different teams, of all abilities, playing competitive fixtures across 16 sports: 480 fixtures


Winners of the U18 Scottish Schools’ Rugby Cup (SRU, 2018-19)


UK Ranking Golf School (ISGA 2018-19)


World Tennis School (ISF, 2017-19)


UK Tennis School (LTA, 2020)

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