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Strength & Conditioning

Tennis News

Tennis Slice Pizza Party

Over the first weekend back at school the tennis academy boys supported another of our community initiatives in the tennis dome with their mentoring and leadership skills at our Slice Pizza Party!

Tennis Success

Congratulations to our tennis players on their recent success.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning play a huge role in preparing athletes physically for optimal performance. All players in the Tennis Academy receive individualized strength and conditioning programmes which address their specific strengths and weaknesses.

Each player completes two strength sessions and two speed and agility sessions per week, which fit alongside their on-court sessions. Developing the ideal tennis physique is hugely advantageous and can have a direct impact on performance. The correct amount of lower and upper body strength and power along with a strong core, is essential for tennis, as well as having good speed, acceleration and agility. Each player’s progress is regularly monitored and assessed. Testing is performed at the beginning and end of each term and includes the same testing measures as the LTA.

The strength and conditioning programmes developed are up to date with current research, and ways to train and assess our athletes are constantly being updated and added to their training, which helps players to develop and reach their physical and sporting potential.