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Caroline blair rogerson Housemother

My Merchiston journey started three years ago when my husband, David Blair, joined the school as Assistant Housemaster of Rogerson, Assistant Director of Rugby and PE teacher.

I thoroughly enjoyed living in the community for that first year but so desperately wanted to play a more formal role within it. Needless-to-say when a Housemother position became vacant in Rogerson, I was very quick to apply!

This is a very unique school and David and I feel so very privileged to be a part of it. I feel so fortunate to be on the front line of key moments in the boys’ lives and on hand to support them as they transition through the formative years of adolescence into young adulthood.


In my downtime, away from school, I can generally be found chasing after our young son, Hunter, hosting events and award ceremonies or making a fleeting return to my former career in broadcast news. In quieter moments, I enjoy swimming, jigsaws and trying my hand at writing fiction.

Inspiring Moment

My husband and I refer to inspiring moments as being ‘Magic Moments’. We experience so many in this job! One that really sticks out was when one of our Senior Prefects told me he had received an offer from the University of Oxford. Aside from the obvious academic achievement, this young man had been on such a journey to reach this pivotal moment in his life. His resilience, self-awareness and determination over the years had led him to this point and it was such a privilege to watch him absorb the enormity of his own news as he relayed it.

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