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Liz Firoozi Academic Leadership Team (ALT) Secretary

I joined Merchiston in 2014, having worked in two other independent schools in Edinburgh: one for 5 years and the one immediate to joining Merchiston for 30 years.  My knowledge of the School then was: it had the most amazing campus, its rugby team had always beaten my sons’ teams, but you were always assured of a warm welcome on the match days which included a warm bowl of soup in the Dining Hall.

The warm welcome was extended again when I joined the School. Teaching and non-teaching staff alike are hard working individuals giving their best for the School and taking pride in their work.  As the admin support member of the Academic Leadership Team, I see first hand the help and advice available to the boys when needed (or even when they think it’s not needed but there is evidence to the contrary!)


Time with family


As I write this, we are a week away from the results day for the GCE A Levels.  It’s the start of one of the busiest times of the year for ALT but also one of the most rewarding.  Wonderful to hear of all the successes, but for some boys who have not been quite so successful, assistance and advice is available and an alternative pathway almost always identified.  It’s a good feeling to see all the boys finally allocated a post-school pathway whether that is a gap year, employment, college or university.

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