We all share the vision that Merchiston will continue to be a school that stands for quality, providing the environment and stimulus to enable young people’s minds to be opened and their talents developed. We do this by employing the very finest teachers and coaches, and want everyone connected with Merchiston to enjoy the very best teaching resources, boarding and day accommodation, and arts and sports facilities.

Merchiston is the only remaining all-boys’ boarding and day school in Scotland. Our goal is to ensure that each boy who comes to Merchiston realizes his full potential, learns new skills and leaves as a courteous, confident, employable and well-rounded individual with a secure foundation for the journey of life ahead. In order to achieve this, like all schools in today’s highly competitive climate, we constantly need to be improving and modernizing our buildings and facilities to accommodate the wide range of activities offered to our pupils.

Merchiston is wholly independent, and having no Endowment or Foundation, relies entirely on the support of individual benefactors and its own limited resources. Our continuous investment in the future of the School has, therefore, been due to the success of four previous appeals, to the generosity of parents, Merchistonians, Trusts and well-wishers, and also to the careful management of School finances.

If you are interested in helping us you will find information about how you can support the School by reading the sections below.

We do hope we can count on your support.

GTG Baird
Chairman of Governors

AR Hunter


All donations, large or small, would be greatly appreciated and will be used to ensure that the School is able to provide the best education for boys, irrespective of their parents’ ability to afford the fees, and to support the development of Merchiston’s facilities (academic, boarding, sporting, musical and artistic) to ensure they are among the very best, so that every Merchiston boy’s potential can be fully realised.

If you would like to discuss making a tax-efficient donation, or if you would like further information, please telephone David Rider (0131 312 2263) or, or contact Andrew Hunter by or by telephone on 0131 312 2200.

Gift Aid declaration single donation form and a Regular donation and Gift Aid declaration may be obtained on these links.

US taxpayers should read the section below.

Making a gift from the USA

US taxpayers can make donations to the School which are tax deductible, to the extent allowed by law in the USA, by making your donation through the British Schools and Universities Foundation our affiliated US 501(c)(3) organisation.


Cash gifts may be made to the Foundation expressing preference for support of Merchiston Castle School.  Cheques should be made payable to British Schools and Universities Foundation, Inc. (or BSUF) and postmarked on or before December 31st to qualify for current-year tax deduction.  If you send your donation directly to the BSUF please use the BSUF Donor Transmittal Form.


In giving gifts of marketable securities donors could realise significant tax benefits.  Please see Instructions for Donating Securities.  To contact BSUF regarding a gift of marketable securities please send e-mail to

Charitable Remainder Trusts

There are two kinds of Charitable Remainder Trusts: a Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust and a Charitable Remainder Unitrust, designating BSUF as the remainder beneficiary. Either of these trusts affords the donor an immediate charitable tax deduction in the year the trust is created.  The trustee then pays the donor income during his/her lifetime or that of any other living non-charitable beneficiary the donor may designate.  In the case of a Charitable Remainder Annuity, the payment is a fixed monthly sum (determined by the beneficiaries’ ages and gender, and the original principal amount of the trust). With a Charitable Remainder Unitrust, the payment will fluctuate up or down depending on investment performance. At the death of the income recipient, the trust passes on to the BSUF as charitable remainder beneficiary; donors may express a preference for an Approved Institution.

BSUF is not permitted to offer tax or legal advice. Donors who are contemplating creating a Charitable Remainder Trust must consult with a professional advisor for guidance (usually their lawyer and banker) prior to making decisions.

To contact BSUF regarding a Charitable Remainder Unitrust please send e-mail to

Individual Retirement Accounts

IRAs can be made much more tax efficient by naming the BSUF as a beneficiary with an expression of preference for an Approved Institution.  This relieves the Estate of (a) the Distribution and Income Taxes which are levied by most State governments; and (b) of part of the regular Estate tax.  To contact BSUF regarding an IRA please send e-mail to

In 2007, those over age 70.5 years may find it advantageous to have contributions made from their IRA directly to a charity without paying taxes on the amount withdrawn.  The rules are complex, and individuals should consult their own professional advisors for guidance.


A provision may be made in your Will or Trust bequeathing money to the Foundation.  The following wording is intended only as a provision in a full Will or Trust containing all appropriate articles.  To contact BSUF regarding a bequest please send e-mail to

“I bequeath the sum of ____ dollars to the British Schools and Universities Foundation, Inc., a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Service Code, and incorporated at 575 Madison Avenue, Suits 1006, New York, NY 10022-2511.  Further, I express a preference that the Foundation consider granting aid to Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.”

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact the Development Office on +44 131 312 2263 or email

Further details about the British Schools & Universities Foundation can be found on their website


The Napier Society was formed in 2003 and membership is offered as a way of thanking those generous enough to contribute to Merchiston’s future with a legacy or bequest under their Will. We were delighted to welcome further new members to the Society and to have entertained many of them at various times during the year. The generosity of some of their pledges has been tremendous and we are very grateful.

If you would like to know more about leaving a gift in your will to Merchiston, or about the Napier Society, please contact  David Rider on 0131 312 2263.

If we get it wrong

At Merchiston we appreciate your support. Without your generous gifts and legacies we would not be able to secure the future of the School. If you have any comments or concerns about our fundraising, we want to know. You should initially contact our fundraising department:


Telephone: 0131 312 2263

We will endeavour to resolve your concern as promptly and as amicably as possible.  We will acknowledge your query within 7 days, investigate your concern within one month and advise you promptly of the outcome.

If you are not satisfied with our initial response, contact the Headmaster in writing at, Merchiston Castle School, 294 Colinton Road, Edinburgh, EH13 0PU. We will endeavour to resolve your concern as promptly and as amicably as possible.

Still not satisfied?

If you feel your concerns have not been adequately answered, you can contact the Scottish fundraising complaints hub. The hub can be contacted by telephone:

0808 164 2520

or by accessing their website:

or by e-mail:

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